Centralized SMS Communication for Teams

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What is Switchboard?

Switchboard is a hosted web application which enables teams to communicate with their customers, partners, and remote employees via text-message. Communicating via text-message (or SMS) is certainly convenient, but it locks all of your essential communication to a single phone which can be out of power, lost, or even stolen. Using a shared, hosted text-message phone number from Switchboard will enable:

  • Your whole team to share a single phone number, and without needing to access a physical phone
  • A shared log of all communications both in and out of the shared number
  • Multiple accounts so you can add and remove team members as your team grows
  • The ability to add internal notes and comments to the conversation, just for your team
  • Customizable notifications for unread messages


See all of your team's messages aggregated in one place! Everyone on the team can see all communications as they happen; in real time! Keep a record of all incoming and outgoing messages exchanged with each employee.


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How does Switchboard Work?

Getting Started

When you sign up for Switchboard, you will be creating your team and the first member of that team...you!

Each team has a single phone number used for SMS communication. You can have unlimited members of your team, and unlimited people in your address book with whom you are communicating.

Service Area

When you create your team, you can choose your phone number's area code, and choose from a selection of available numbers. Please note that this service only works within the United States at this time 🇺🇸 .


Registering a team costs $30/month. This covers the cost of your phone number and the first 1000 SMS messages. Every additional message sent or received will incur a fee of $0.01. The monthly fee, combined with any fees for additional messages, will be charged on the first of every month.